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2023 Popcorn Program 


It's that time of year again for our annual popcorn fundraiser! Popcorn sales are the sole annual fundraiser for Pack 828. The Pack is required to cover registration to Golden Gate  Council. The money we collect from selling popcorn plays a crucial role in covering pack registration, equipment, camping, Blue and Gold Event and supporting various activities for our scouts. Furthermore, this fundraiser offers an excellent chance for our scouts to develop skills in public speaking, mathematics, salesmanship, tenacity, and teamwork. Beyond these valuable learning experiences, there are also tangible rewards to be gained. We strongly urge all our scouts, no matter their age or prior experience, to take part in this fundraiser!

The Popcorn Program is an important part of Scouting. Some of the great benefits of selling popcorn include:

  • There are NO up-front costs to the Pack or parents

  • A built-in prize program to support the Unit and individual Scout goals

  • Scouts learn the value of earning their own way, setting goals, and supporting their unit program budget. This is an essential part of the character development learned through Scouting!

Popcorn Team

Our purpose is to offer logistical assistance to all scouts and parents who are taking part to ensure its success!

Getting Ready for Storefront Sale

1. Download Trail’s End App.Text "APP" to 62771 to download from Appstore/GooglePlay. 

One account per scout, so Mom or Dad will have to set up the account and share the login information with the other parent. Select “Golden Gate Area Council” for council, "Meridian" for the district and "Pack 828" for the unit.

Siblings can share one account and combine their proceeds and donations toward the pack rankings.


Be sure to select the
correct dropdown for Pack 828!

area council image from trails end.jpg

2. After activation and sign-in, go to “Storefront Sales” and find shifts available for sign-up on the calendar (calendar icon).

3. Signing up for 2 -3 shifts is recommended.  This ensures the scout gets a chance to start a positive feedback loop in which he/she gets to apply what he/she learned from the previous storefront experience.  This also likely allows the scout enough opportunity to sell enough popcorn to qualify for Trail’s End’s Amazon gift card reward.


4.To simplify the process, we have included a download link. Utilize this link to register your scout for selling on the Trail's End app.

Prizes and Rewards

1. Each scout will earn a patch for participating.

2. Aside from the prizes offered by Trail's End, scouts have the opportunity to earn pack awards. However, we kindly request that each scout aim to sell a minimum of $500 worth of popcorn.

3. Scouts who sells the highest  from each den will get an opportunity to  throw a pie at our cub master and popcorn kernel.

4. Scouts earn points for every dollar sold. Collect points to earn Amazon gift cards which they can use to choose the prize they want.

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 12.33.45 PM.png

Store Front Selling Weekend Dates

  • September  9th & 10th

  • September 15th, 16th & 17th

A Guide to Popcorn Sale Success

!! IMPORTANT !! If you are scheduled for the first shift of the day, please ensure you collect the inventory and supplies the night before your shift. Contact Popcorn Kernel Marlowe Dias for Pick-up.


Setup— Arrange the table, spread the tablecloth, and secure the banner in front of the table. Display the products with price labels attached and set up the Pack Donation Bin and Square Credit Card reader.

Start of shift— Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your shift's start time. Verify the inventory and earnings with the scout or parent from the previous shift. Ensure there is $50 in small bills for making change.

Sales— Maintain a friendly and welcoming demeanor, greet everyone with a smile, and express gratitude, even if someone doesn't express immediate interest. Always remember to say "thank you."

Record each sale in the Trail’s End App, specifying the payment type, and also make a written note on the tracking form.


End of shift— Count the inventory and earnings alongside the incoming scout or parent for the next shift. Gather all earnings and donations from the shift, along with the tracking form, in a fresh envelope. Label, seal, and hand it over to the next shift's scout or parent.

End of day (last shift of the day)— Return any remaining inventory, all supplies, and all earnings in envelopes to your popcorn kernel.

Sample Popcorn Sale Script

popcorn script.png

Pack Sales Goals for 2023:  $28,000

Achieving this goal will net the Pack a 33% sales commission of $9,240.

sales goal.png

 Other Ways to Reach Our 2023 Goal

Besides storefronts, there are other ways available to sell popcorn. 

Online Direct Sales

Online Direct sales are easier than ever for Scouts to sell to friends and family and face-to-face with the new functionality for a Scout to record an Online Direct order in the app. The product ships to the customer, and it’s the SAFEST and most convenient fundraising option for Scouts. Scouts setup their Trail’s End account by downloading the Trail’s End App, and they can sell face-to-face or share their fundraising page via email, social media and text message. Customers pay via credit/debit securely, and the products ship directly to them from Trail’s End.​​​

  • Two Ways to Sell Online

    • Share your Scout's personalized sales page via email, text, or social media. Customers click your Scout's link to place online orders. Products ship directly to customer.

    • Take Online Direct Orders in the Trail's End app. Products are selected, credit card payment is accepted, and products ship directly to customer.

Wagon Sales

​Scouts collect orders in the app and deliver on hand product or mark product as “undelivered” to be delivered at a later date. This can also be taken through neighborhoods, but is great for parent’s co-workers, friends and family. 
Involves the Scout bringing product door-to-door to customer residences to ask for support. This method is preferred for neighborhoods close to home. Product is carried with the Scout in a wagon or vehicle, making it a quick and easy process for the customer.

  • Scouts can opt to receive upfront inventory to sell on-hand to family and friends or throughout their neighborhood.

  • Inventory will be assigned and tracked by your Popcorn Kernel-Marlowe Dias

Product Lineup for 2023

Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 3.34.09 PM.png

Note the chocolate pretzels are for take orders only. 

Helpful Tips to Reach our  Goals for 2023

1. Always wear your Class A uniform during popcorn sales.

2. Be courteous and respectful.

3.  Cubs may ask “Would you like to support local cub scouts?” to approach customers.

4. Customers are delighted when cubs talk to them.  Cubs can tell them which popcorn is their favorite.

5. If customers are not sure if they are willing to buy popcorn, encourage them to donate any amount to the donation bin and thank them.

6. Practice your sales presentation.Introduce yourself (first name only) and where you are from (Pack 828) and what you are doing.

7. Credit card sales are best for Scouts.Tell your customers, “We prefer credit/debit!”

8. Be polite, even if the customer does not buy.

9. Online Direct is the preferred way to sell & can be used for face-to-face selling. Products ship to the customer, you don’t have to handle products or cash.

10. Always walk on the sidewalk and/or driveway.

11. Never sell alone or enter anyone’s home.

12. Check your order history in the Trail’s End App each year for repeat customers.

13. Parents can take the Trail’s End App or order form to work.

14. Plan out how many sales you will need to reach your sales goal.

15. Please mark it down on your calendar when you sign up for a shift and make sure you do not miss it.

16.If you need additional popcorn or have any questions, please call or text Marlowe. We will have someone on standby during popcorn sales hours.

17. Always smile and say thank you.

Boosting Sales with the Trail's End App: Training Video
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