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2022 Popcorn Program 

Why Pack 828 Sells Popcorn

Fundraising for the Pack is important to Scouting, not only for the exceptional programs it allows, but also the life skills it teaches like goal setting, public speaking, and self-motivation. Popcorn sales are the sole annual fundraiser for Pack 828. The Pack is required to cover registration of the Scouts. The activity, equipment, and camping budget comes solely from Popcorn Sales. This keeps costs for parents down while enabling a fantastic program for the Scouts throughout the year.

The Popcorn Program is an important part of Scouting. Some of the great benefits of selling popcorn include:

  • There are NO up-front costs to the Pack or parents

  • A built-in prize program to support the Unit and individual Scout goals

  • Scouts learn the value of earning their own way, setting goals, and supporting their unit program budget. This is an essential part of the character development learned through Scouting!

Pack Sales Goals for 2022:  $25,000

Achieving this goal will net the Pack a 35% sales commission of $8,750.

sales goal.png

Ways to Reach Our 2022 Goal

Online Direct Sales
Online Direct sales are easier than ever for Scouts to sell to friends and family and face-to-face with the new functionality for a Scout to record an Online Direct order in the app. The product ships to the customer, and it’s the SAFEST and most convenient fundraising option for Scouts. Scouts setup their Trail’s End account by downloading the Trail’s End App, and they can sell face-to-face or share their fundraising page via email, social media and text message. Customers pay via credit/debit securely, and the products ship directly to them from Trail’s End.​​​

  • Two Ways to Sell Online

    • Share your Scout's personalized sales page via email, text, or social media. Customers click your Scout's link to place online orders. Products ship directly to customer.

    • Take Online Direct Orders in the Trail's End app. Products are selected, credit card payment is accepted, and products ship directly to customer.

Storefront Sales
TWO Scouts and TWO parents will conduct sales during each shift.

  • Scouts will have the opportunity to sign up for storefront sales outside of local businesses.

  • Excellent way for Scouts to practice public speaking skills!

  • Each family is encouraged (and expected) to "do their best" to "do their part" to sign up for storefront sales

Wagon Sales

​Scouts collect orders in the app and deliver on hand product or mark product as “undelivered” to be delivered at a later date. This can also be taken through neighborhoods, but is great for parent’s co-workers, friends and family. 
Involves the Scout bringing product door-to-door to customer residences to ask for support. This method is preferred for neighborhoods close to home. Product is carried with the Scout in a wagon or vehicle, making it a quick and easy process for the customer.

  • Scouts can opt to receive upfront inventory to sell on-hand to family and friends or throughout their neighborhood.

  • Inventory will be assigned and tracked by your Popcorn Kernel-Marlowe Dias

How to Register your Scout to Sell

Text APP to 62771 to download the Trail's End app.

In order to sign up for shifts at storefronts,

your scout(s) must create an account through Trails-End.  

Please make an account for each scout who is selling popcorn. 

Use this link to register your scout to sell on the Trail's End app. 

area council image from trails end.jpg

Product Lineup for 2022

popcorn script.png

Be sure to select the
correct dropdown for Pack 828!

Helpful Tips to Reach our  Goals for 2022

1. Always wear your Class A uniform during popcorn sales

2. Never sell alone or enter anyone’s home.

3. Practice your sales presentation.  Introduce yourself (first name only) and where you are from (Pack 828) and what you are doing.

4. Credit card sales are best for Scouts. Tell your customers, “We prefer credit/debit!”

5. Be polite, even if the customer does not buy.

6. Online Direct is the preferred way to sell & can be used for face-to-face selling. Products ship to the customer, you don’t have to handle products or cash.

7. Always walk on the sidewalk and/or driveway.

8. Check your order history in the Trail’s End App each year for repeat customers.

9. Parents can take the Trail’s End App or order form to work.

10. Plan out how many sales you will need to reach your sales goal.

Prizes and Rewards for all your hard work!

  • Points based rewards system encourages Cub Scouts to sell more with Online Direct and with credit card payments

  • With changes to the way they sell, Scouts can earn more rewards faster

  • Points are redeemable for gift cards

  • Scouts buy prizes THEY want when they earn these cards!

  • Additional Pack 828 prizes... see parent orientation link for details

Pack 828 Popcorn Program Parent Orientation:

Prizes and Rewards for all your hard work!

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