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Pinewood Derby Information


Our 2024 Pinewood Derby is coming in January. It’s always one of the highlights of the scouting year! Pinewood Derby Car making is a great experience as a family activity that encourages creativity and hard work.

Attire: Class A uniform

Remember to bring: Enthusiasm to support and cheer on your fellow scouts.






Every scout will receive a free Pinewood Derby car kit which consists of a block of wood, four wheels and four axles.These will be available at our monthly meetings. 


If you would like to purchase additional kits, please send a note to with your desired quantity so we have a sense for how many extra kits to order.



Pack 828 follows the Blackhawk 500 racing rules, which are summarized at pack-828-pinewood-derby-2018-rules


Some highlights:

  • Participating cars must be built during the current scouting year; no cars may be entered that raced in previous years

  • Length of 7” or less; Width of 2.75” or less.  All parts of the car must fit within the 7” x 2.75” dimensions.

  • Weight of 5 oz or less

  • Axle to axle spacing must be 4.4" +/- 0.125"

  • All work must be done by the scout and parent. The intent is to have the scout build as much of the car as is reasonable and safe.

  • Axles, wheels and body must consist of Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby materials.  The use of pre-shaped car bodies and machined wheels is NOT allowed

  • All four wheels must run flat and be in contact with the track surface

  • Wheel treatment is allowed, but may not result in conspicuous removal of mass, nor reduction of wheel width or diameter

  • Only dry lubricants are allowed

  • The car must only be powered by gravity



Building a pinewood derby car is a time-honored activity that Scouts and families complete together.


If you need help cutting your car, Alamo Hardware located at 3438 Camino Tassajara in Blackhawk in the Safeway shopping center can cut a pinewood derby car for $5 a car. Have your scout draw the cut line on the car prior to arriving. You can just drop in, but it is suggested to call first (925-736-6380) to confirm someone will be there to cut your car. Any car not in compliance with the rules cannot race. Cars need to be turned in on Friday, January 26th. Have fun designing. 




After receiving your car, you and your Scout can finish sanding, painting, and adding design elements, wheels, and weights together.  




1st, 2nd and 3rd – 3 fastest car per den


  • "Fast"-Food Racers: From candy racers, vegetable vroomers, Pizza, tacos, cupcakes, celebrate delicious and speedy designs.

  • Outstanding Paint Job: For the car that boasts the most eye-catching and skillfully executed paintwork.

  • Underwater Explorers: A fish, submarine, or other aquatic craft built for racing down the track

  • Jungle Safari Expedition: Celebrating the car that takes us on a wild adventure with jungle-inspired details like animals, trees, and explorers.

  • Sci-Fi Speedster: Recognizing the car that transports us to the future with cityscape design, skyscrapers, flying cars, and a high-tech urban vibe and futuristic design.

  • Out-of-This-World Alien Encounter: Recognizing the car that introduces us to extraterrestrial life with an alien-themed design and cosmic details.

  • Space Odyssey: Honoring the car that explores the cosmos with a space-themed design featuring rockets, planets, and interstellar elements.

  • Pirate's Cove Adventure: Recognizing the car that sails the high seas with a pirate-themed design, complete with sails, flags, and a sense of swashbuckling excitement.

  • Dinosaur Discovery: For the car that transports us back in time with a prehistoric theme, featuring dinosaurs, fossils, and a Jurassic atmosphere.

  • Incredible Insects: Celebrating the car that buzzes with creativity, featuring insects, bugs, and a vibrant garden atmosphere.

  • Sports Fanatic: Celebrating the car that showcases the love for a favorite sports team or sport, with logos, jerseys, and athletic spirit.

  • Robot Rumble: Highlighting the car that enters the realm of robotics, with a futuristic design featuring gears, circuits, and mechanical marvels.

  • Military-Inspired Design: Saluting the car that marches to victory with a military-inspired design, featuring camouflage patterns, tanks, aircraft, and a sense of disciplined strength.

  • Superhero Squadron: Award the fastest fliers, mightiest machines, and defenders of justice.

  • Most Scout-Like: Recognizing the car that most represents scouting and the scouting spirit.

  • Lego-Like: Recognizing the best incorporation of LEGO-inspired elements into the car design.

  • Best Design By a Scout: A special recognition dedicated to the creativity.

Finally, the Chase for the Pinewood Derby Cup begins.  We’ll use the same methodology as the preliminary round, in which the single best run over four races wins!  There will be trophies for the top four pinewood derby cars.


We will have coffee, hot chocolate, assorted muffins, donuts, and other snacks.  The races should be over between 11 am and noon.


We looking forward to seeing everyone!

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