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Pledge of Allegiance 

Cub Scout #1: “I pledge allegiance” means I promise to be true.

Cub Scout #2: “to the flag” means to the symbol of our country

Cub Scout #3: “of the United States of America” means our country made up of 50 states, each with certain rights of its own.

Cub Scout #4: “and to the Republic” means a country where the people elect their fellow citizens to make laws for them.

Cub Scout #5: “for which it stands” means the flag represents the country.

Cub Scout #6: “one nation under God” means a single country whose people believe in religious freedom.

Cub Scout #7: “indivisible” means the country cannot be split into parts.

Cub Scout #8: “with liberty and justice” means with freedom and fairness.

Cub Scout #9: “for all” means for every person in the country.
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